Worship from All Over the World

Worship from All Over the World is a page that will gather pieces of poetry and other types of literature and art, not only from all over the geographical world but also across discipline and genre.  The common feature between these pieces will be their flexibility to make oneself a tool for worship, even when the initiator (the artist) didn’t intend for it to be so.

One of the gifts that the Russians bestowed on literature is the school of Russian Formalism (between 1914 and the 1930s ) which revolutionised literary criticism by establishing the specificity and autonomy of poetic language and literature. It is about digging deep in the text rather than explaining the text by what it happened outside of it (the writer included). From then on, each work of literature or art will be considered as an independent being with a soul and mind. Works will thereafter be interpreted in themselves, without any reference or concern about the writers’ first intention and motif.

There are a huge number of art products that were conceived to worship a worldly god, but unknowingly the product came to be bigger than what was intended from it. The product turns out to be nothing but the Spirit’s internal cry for liberation.


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