Introduction to My Experience with the Theory Test

For someone who has an undiagnosed form of BPD, I found the best way to start practicing is not the Highway Code, but the Multiple Choice Practice test which I took over and over until I learned every single rule there is to learn. I went to one website where they set out the list of topics nicely, whereas in the Highway Code area it’s jumbled up. For someone with my condition, a very long list of piled-up-rules such as this didn’t make much sence and was not remotely appealing to me to work with. I actually used this trial-an-error method a long time ago when I was practicing my English Test for UK, an idea which I secretely borrowed from my work as a tutor. Some of the little children I taught had mild ADHD syndrom and stuggled with focus on tedious tasks so I had to be creative. Producing a lesson based on Q&A tasks where the child is able to learn information through the repition of trial-and-error proved to be way more interesting and rewarding for all parts concerned.

Saying that, it beggs the question, why did I then had to present my highlighted notes from the Highway code? That’s because, each time after I practice the Multichoise test, I revisit my answers and try to examin my mistakes. For those tough-to-understand regulations, I go back to the Highway code and try to understand, so that I’m able to remember them better next time.

The list below not only shows me the topics laid out nicely in a way that makes sense to my BPD-brain, but also saves my progress for the next time I sign in. The table below is defenetely not how it should look before going to sit the Theory Test. I personally tried for months on end until I scored 98% to 100% pretty much everywhere because I’m a perfectionist and that’s how my brain works. It built my confidence, so when I went to sit the test, I was -deep down- certain that I would at least secure my required grade, which is 86%, but I scored 100% to my amazement. So, all the hard work was defenetely worth it. It’s not that it made much difference to anything else but me -having any higher than 86%- though, as it’s a pass or fail test and scoring more that the required wouldn’t give you a better award so to speak. But it’s hard to work towards an exact percentage, isn’t it? Because you never know. We aim for a grade and we usually score much lower. So I aimed for 100% and it didn’t hurt me that I got just that!

Multiple Choice


question answered
answered correctly
Accidents3/398% 3/39
Alertness0/330% 0/33
Attitude0/270% 0/27
Documents0/320% 0/32
Hazard Awareness0/510% 0/51
Motorway Rules0/490% 0/49
Other Types of Vehicle0/170% 0/17
Road and Traffic Signs0/1340% 0/134
Rules of the Road0/520% 0/52
Safety Margins0/390% 0/39
Safety and Your Vehicle/Motorcycle0/790% 0/79
Vehicle/Motorcycle Handling0/510% 0/51
Vehicle/Motorcycle Loading0/320% 0/32
Vulnerable Road Users0/630% 0/63

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